Counting number of spaces in string in 8086 ALP

Program Description

Counting number of spaces in a given string in 8086 Assembly Language.
The program prompts the user for an input string, compares every character with space character and displays the number of space character in the string.

; Counting number of spaces in string in 8086 ALP

;macro for printing a string
print macro m
mov ah,09h
mov dx,offset m
int 21h

.model small

;******  Data Segment ******

empty db 10,13, "   $"
str1 db 25,?,25 dup('$')
mstring db 10,13, "Enter the string: $"
mscount db 10,13, "Number of spaces: $"
mlength db 10,13, "Length is: $"
scount db ?

;********** Code Segment ************


mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax

		print mstring
		call accept_string
        mov si,offset str1+2  ;position si to start of the string
		mov cl,str1+1         ;copy length in cl
        mov dh,00             ;counter to store number of spaces  
cmpagain1:  mov al,[si]      ;copy content at memory location "si" in "al"
		   cmp al,' '        ;compare "al" with space
           jne below         ;if not equal jump to label "below"
		   inc dh
below:  inc si               ;move to next character
        dec cl               ;decrement string length counter
        jnz cmpagain1        ;if not zero check again
		mov scount,dh       ;save the count in memory location "scount"
        mov bl,scount       ;copy count to "bl" for printing 
        print mscount
		call display1

mov ah,4ch       ;exit the program
int 21h

;accept procedure

accept proc near

mov ah,01
int 21h
accept endp

display1 proc near

   mov al,bl
   mov bl,al
   and al,0f0h
   mov cl,04
   rol al,cl

   cmp al,09
   jbe number
   add al,07
number:  add al,30h
         mov dl,al
         mov ah,02
         int 21h

         mov al,bl
         and al,00fh
         cmp al,09
         jbe number2
         add al,07
number2:  add al,30h
          mov dl,al
          mov ah,02
          int 21h
display1 endp

accept_string proc near

mov ah,0ah          ;accept string from user function
mov dx,offset str1  ; store the string in memory pointed by "DX"
int 21h
accept_string endp

end start


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