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How to check date in linux via terminal.

5 May 2015 by admin

The date command is used to check the date in linux.

How to Manually detect a virus

6 Feb 2015 by admin

This technique helps detect and remove viruses which get executed as a user process(which covers most of them).

Getting Shell Access to Linux Server Via Windows

5 Feb 2015 by admin

To get Shell Access we are using software called Putty.The steps for the connection are given in this How to's....

Connecting notepad++ to linux via FTP(NppFTP)

31 Jul 2014 by admin

Notepad++ has a lot of plugins installed in it for our convenience and one of them is FTP client which can to be used to transfer files between two computers....

Assembling an ALP program using TASM

31 Jul 2014 by admin

We assume you already have tasm installed in your system.So,we are directly explaining how to assemble the code...

Compile a C++ Code in Linux

24 Jul 2014 by admin

The steps to compile a C++ program in Linux environment are essentially the same as the compiling in the C except for one diffrence. Instead of using "gcc" we use "g++" compiler to compile our code.Everything else remains the same..